Real Telekinesis – Funny accidents – Need some coffee

Posted on December 26, 2016 | Posted by admin

What’s up buster Whatup Sorry i’m late’ s all right are we gonna movie? yeap what do i do? take the camera it’s all ready preserving is it? ok – ready – start This video will demonstrate to the world telekinesis is possible … … is real cool object the receptacle wow! that looks very cool guy, how you do that buster, that’s so cool that was easy another one? are you gonna do another one? a better one what’s it gonna be? a vehicle wow, ok go ahead wow wow hold it, stop it , not my vehicle , not my vehicle guy! don’t be a sissy take another one, the next one okay, okay guy! that’s so cool Achuuu! damn it buster tha f* ck? what have you done? what have you done? give me the camera, give me the camera….


As found on Youtube'>Ninja Coffee Maker


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